Applications of AI in Food Technology Industry

Food Processing

Food is one the basic human wants we all need for survival. Just like you would turn to to have an efficient car, the food industry is characterized by a high volume and low margins such that finding the modest efficiency in food operations can lead to making the most profit. There is no better way to achieve food efficiency that turning to AI to offer such solutions. Artificial Intelligence is being applied in food industry in many ways including sorting products and packages, food safety compliance, improved cleanliness, product management and marketing.

Food processing involves careful sorting of very large quantities of food stocks with careful inspection of the final product to be delivered to customer. There is need to frequent and constant maintenance of equipment used, storage as well as work spaces. AI is used to help in food sorting. We now make use of technology to sort different vegetables based on their size, shape as well as color. Today, food is being sorted based on what will offer the least waste produce.

Improved supply chain

As food regulations have become more stringent, AI comes in to help in supply chain management. AI technology helps companies to test and monitor food safety products and different steps. It also helps in creating more accurate forecast to help in managing inventory as well as pricing. It also tracks farm products to offer the best transparency. AI technology is also employed to ensure that food is transported safely from the farms to the stores.

Personal Hygiene Procedures

AI is being intensely applies in the food industry to ensure that employees follow the correct personal hygiene procedures. AI solutions makes use of camera to monitor workers and with the use of facial recognition, helps to identify which workers are wearing hats and masks as required in food safety laws. If there is any violation to the required procedures, the system captures a screenshot for further review.

Improved Cleaning

The food industry is today using artificially intelligent sensors to improve how food processing equipment are cleaned. Cleaning amount to about 30 percent of energy and water used and this calls for efficiency. Using the traditional non-sensor based equipment, it may be difficult or even impossible to detect when some parts of storage equipment not cleaned. With the use of AI, companies will be able to use self-cleaning sensors to optimize the process.

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